Which Tennis Balls should you buy?

Which Tennis Balls should you buy?

Which Tennis Balls should you buy?

Tennis balls are the most neglected piece of equipment of the game. Their contribution might seem insignificant but, if anything, they are the game changers on court. There are various kinds of tennis balls made of different materials which can baffle a beginner as they all look the same.

Pressurized: Tennis balls are characterised based on the amount of pressure that is pumped into the ball. Pressurized balls are for experienced players and for professional tournaments. They offer the required power, control and precision for power shots. They bounce high and are most commonly found in tournaments. There are a few different kinds in pressurised balls.They are:

  • Training: These balls are mainly preferred for everyday practice and for recreational players. They have very little pressure or no pressure in them and are relatively more durable. They are the best choice for drills on court everyday. Ex: Tecnifibre balls (https://tennishub.in/tennis-balls/tecnifibre-tennis-balls/tecnifibre-training-balls-carton-24-cans.html)
  • Championship: These balls are mostly preferred by intermediate level players who have been playing the game for a while. Ex: Babolat Championship and Wilson Championship(https://tennishub.in/tennis-balls/pressurized/wilson-championship-balls-can.html)
  • Professional: These balls are manufactured for experienced players. They offer a great feel, control and power. These are the best choice for professional tournaments.

Ex: Dunlop Australian Open(https://tennishub.in/tennis-balls/pressurized/dunlop-australian-open-balls-can.html), Wilson Tour(https://tennishub.in/tennis-balls/wilson-tennis-balls/wilson-tour-premier-balls-carton-24-cans.html), Head Tour(https://tennishub.in/tennis-balls/head-tennis-balls/head-tour-balls-dozen-4-cans.html), Technifibre X1(https://tennishub.in/tennis-balls/tecnifibre-tennis-balls/tecnifibre-x-one-balls-carton-24-cans.html)



Non-Pressurized: The non pressurized balls are the slower balls and are best suited for everyday practice. They have less bounce but are extremely durable. They are mostly preferred by beginners and recreational players. Ex: Yonex Muscle Power(https://tennishub.in/tennis-balls/pressureless/yonex-muscle-power-orange-balls-60-balls-bucket.html)


High Altitude Balls: These balls are designed to suit the weather conditions at higher altitudes. These balls have very less pressure inside them. This counteracts the high pressure surroundings and gives a better bounce during the game. These balls are used at an altitude of 4000 feet and above. They are generally not available in India.

Balls for Kids: These balls are designed based on hand-eye coordination level and age. They are:

  • Foam balls: they are suitable for children of 3 to 5 years of age. They are the largest balls and slowest in this category.
  • Red balls: They have slightly higher pressure than the foam balls. They are suitable for kids of 6 to 8 years of age. They are slightly smaller in size.
  • Orange balls: They are suitable for kids of 9 to 10 years of age. These are 50% slower than the regular tennis balls.
  • Green balls: They are suitable for kids of 11 to 13 years of age. These are closest to the regular adult tennis balls. They are 25% slower than the adult tennis balls.

All these various kinds of balls available in the market can get slightly overwhelming in the beginning but after a few strokes and shots, the player gets a hold on the feel and nature of the ball being hit. This gives better knowledge and helps them to choose the right kind of ball. The process of choosing the right tennis ball requires the player to know his or her playing style and ability before finalising on the purchase.