Tennis Ball Buying Guide


Each brand of tennis ball makers produces three types of balls.

Professional level, championship level, and recreational level.

Professional level tennis balls are the highest quality balls, which are used in professional tournaments. Being the top quality balls, Professional level tennis balls offer high performance and durability.

Championship level tennis balls are a grade lower than the professional level tennis balls. They are meant for league matches or smaller tournaments.

Recreational level tennis balls are lowest quality tennis balls, intended for practice use. They are not allowed to be used in league matches or professional matches.

All the professional level and championship level tennis balls come in three variations.

Extra duty, Regular duty, and High altitude.

Extra duty - Hard court balls

Regular duty - Clay or Indoor courts

High altitude - thin air or high altitude courts

Most experts claim that once a can of balls is opened, they become unplayable in two weeks or less, without even hitting them.