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Used Racquet Condition Ratings

  1. - Racquet is in almost new condition with no visible scratches.
  2. - Racquet is in very good condition with slight visible scratches. It exhibits minor wear on bumpergaurd.
  3. - Racquet is in good condition. It has been used and shows cosmetic wear on the frame and bumpergaurd.
  4. - Racquet is in average condition. Exhibits abundant wear on the frame and bumper guard.
  5. - Racquet is in poor condition. While the racquet is playable, it exhibits abundant wear, paint chips or graphite exposed due to ground contact.

We do not sell faulty or damaged Racquets. All Racquets undergo thorough quality check and the condition is mentioned in the product title.

Return Policy


We offer 5 day return policy on used racquets. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the quality, you can return it back within 5 days for a full refund. Kindly Note, refunds will be issued only through Store credits. For any further queries, you may contact our support team on call +91 8099992536 or Email us on : [email protected]