Racquet Customization

Racquet customization is one of the most common services in US & Europe. Majority of tennis pros on tour have their Racquets customized to enhance the performance of their game.

We offer 3 types of Customization Services

Racquet Matching

Do you know that 2 racquets of same brand and model may not have the same specs. Brand has an acceptable tolerance of +/- 7 grams, which means that two racquets of the same model can have a difference of upto 14 grams. This is the reason why many players feel one racquet is better than other or one racquet feels different.

Marked 285g 4pts HL
In Reality 277 - 283g 2 to 6pts HL

At Tennishub's Racquet matching service center our skillful technician will ensure that the racquets are caliberated to exactly the same specs using Swing weight machine, Balance board and a weighing scale.

Matching of 2 Racquets
Matching of 3 Racquets
Matching of 4 Racquets

Personalized Customization

Racquet customization is a process of altering the weight, balance and swingweight to change the charecteristics of the Racquet and suit one's game. Majority of pros on tour customize their racquets to enhance their performance.

Now you do the same. More and more professional & non-professional players are benefitting from this 'tweaking' of their racquets to improve performance.

Personalized Customization

Vishnu Vardhan Recommends

Not sure what is the right Racquet customisation required to enhance your game? You can now get recommendations by Vishnu Vardhan.

All you need to do is record a video of yourself playing and share the current racquet model name you are playing with. You will then be connected to Vishnu over a call who will understand your requirement and suggest the right customisation for you.

Vishnu Vardhan Recommends