Top 5 Tennis Racquets for Beginners

 Top 5 Tennis Racquets for Beginners

Top 5 Tennis Racquets for Beginners

Adult Beginner tennis players who are thinking about taking the game a little more seriously will want to buy a racquet that allows for improvement. As you get better at tennis, you need a racquet that will be effective for intermediate and above intermediate players too.

From our expert reviews and recommendations, below are the great choices for the player transitioning to the intermediate level of tennis.

  1. Wilson Blade 100L v7

As the lightest model in the blade family, this racquet provides great control and feel for the rising intermediate players. This racquets also generates good amount of speed and spin for modern players. This racquet is ideal for double-hand backhand players as it features a longer grip taper at the top of the handle.


2. Wilson Clash 100L

It is ideal for early intermediate players who wishes easy swing on the racquet that delivers pinpoint control on the shots. It is unique from their competitors in most friendly flex points in the market. it also gives the player crisp and solid feel. Overall, this racquet is easier to swing faster when adding pace and spin to the shots without sacrificing arm-friendly experience.


3. Babolat Pure aero team

Intermediate players looking for an update with a big spin and plenty of pop, then this is the right one for you. This racquet accelerates quicker than the standard pure aero. It is easier to generate the stroke speed required to generate effective pace and spin. From the baseline, the pure aero team feels fast, firm and accurate.


4. Head Graphene 360+ Speed S

Speed S racquet is easily maneuverable with easy targeting and faster than Speed MP racquet. On groundstrokes, the speed S moves through contact with remarkable ease to deliver sharp and accurate hitting experience. Speed S is lightweight racquet and also for the perfect combination of power and spin. Overall, this is a great option for intermediate players who wants to hit fast and accurately.


5. Yonex Ezone 100 (285g)

This racket takes the lively and spin-friendly precision of the standard EZONE 100 (300g) and puts it into a lighter, faster package. It also offers great stability and comfort because of its slightly wider frame. With wider string spacing on the edges for less shock on off-center hits. Overall, this racquet is perfect for the intermediate player who wants an easy swinging racket with phenomenal all-around playability.