Babolat’s Pure Aero Series - The Rafa Racquet

Babolat’s Pure Aero Series - The Rafa Racquet

Babolat’s Pure Aero Series - The Rafa Racquet

Babolat is the oldest sports company that manufactures sports gear and equipment. They are pioneers in the racquet sports industry and have unparallel expertise in designing racquets for various sports. Hence, their market for tennis racquets goes beyond boundaries. They make high-quality and technologically advanced tennis racquets for players of all levels. Babolat has a line of racquet series that are unique to each other and have specific features. Of all the series Pure Aero is the most popular one. This series has various racquets that cater to players with different specification requirements. This racquet series also has an interesting back story to it. It was initially called Pure Aero and was developed for Nadal. The intention behind designing this racquet is to offer a greater topspin to its shots of Nadal. The aerodynamic design of the racquet head gives it the present name Pure Aero. This was in the year 2004, a breakthrough year for Nadal as he won over Federer for the first time. And all eyes were on him and his Babolat racquet.

Racquet Technologies - 

Aeromodular 3: This is the design of the racquet head. The aerodynamic design of the racquet head has the bumper and grommets integrated which provides great speed and spin to the shots.

FSI Spin: This is an open string pattern for an ultimate spin that provides longer contact with the ball. The woofer system ensures better spin, control, and feel.

Cortex Pure Feel: The graphite of the racquet is integrated with a new material that provides a better feel and incredible sound.

Benefits of the Pure Aero Racquets:

  1. Maximum Spin: The racquets have been designed specifically to offer maximum spin for Nadal’s shots. This is achieved by the aerodynamic design of the racquet head and FSI Spin Technology.
  2. Power: Despite being a lightweight racquet, it provides exceptional power. It is a great choice for baseline players who bank on their ground shots. The open string pattern and the meticulously crafted graphite frame offer the much-required power.
  3. Moderate Control and Feel: Most racquets are designed to offer few benefits and hence have compromised on some characteristics. This Pure Aero offers moderate control and feel. However, The latest model has largely overcome this shortcoming to a large extent. 

Wrap Up

This is a great racquet for baseline players. Depending upon the requirements of the player the specification of the racquet can be altered to a certain extent. The racquets in this series come in different variants that have different standards. Hence every player has a racquet to choose from in this series.