5 Best Tennis Strings for Spin in 2021

5 Best Tennis Strings for Spin in 2021

5 Best Tennis Strings for Spin in 2021

There are numerous options for tennis strings available in the market as it becomes hectic sometimes to select according to your preferences. In this article, we categorized top 5 strings for spin based on the popularity and reviews from Tennishub.in customers.

  • Luxilon ALU Power Rough
  • Babolat RPM Blast
  • Solinco Hyper-G
  • Tecnifibre Black Code
  • Wilson Revolve

Luxilon ALU Power Rough

ALU Power is unique in giving spin-friendly blend of control with excellent comfort and durability. Roger Federer as part of his hybrid setup uses this strings.

Gauges (mm) : 1.25

Composition: Co-polymer nylon+ Fluocarbon resin + aluminum fibers

Color: Grey, SIlver

Features: This string is designed to give a world-class performance used by many greatest players of all time. Low-powered response enables to generate massive stroke speed, huge spin and impressive power.

Babolat RPM Blast

RPM Blast’s monofilament string type and its silicone coating offers great spin potential. Rafael Nadal, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga are already using RPM Blast.

Gauges (mm) : 1.25, 1.30, 1.35

Composition: Co-polyester monofilament

Color: Yellow, Red, Black

Features: RPM Blast is octagonal shaped and gives you better power along with softer feel than the original version. The string for spin also offers impressive durability


Solinco Hyper-G

Hyper-G is a bright green co-poly string that has square shape and grippy edges with heavy spin as predictable feature. Hyper-G held its playability longer time than majority of the strings. Bryan Brothers uses these strings.

Gauges (mm) : 1.20, 1.25, 1.30

Composition: Co-polyester monofilament

Color: Green

Features: The Solinco Hyper-G is a cube shaped string offering good comfort with good feel. with this string, ball spins sharply and drives off the court.


Tecnifibre Black Code

Black code is a co-poly string and with its pentagonal profile for good bite on the ball resulting in a great spin potential. It also offers excellent soft feel. Serbian player JankoTipsarevic played with this strings.

Gauges (mm) : 1.25, 1.30

Composition: Co-polyester monofilament

Color: Black

Features: It offers heavy spins with feel. It is a good choice for aggressive players who wants to enhance their play style.


Wilson Revolve

This Five sided co-polyester string has two unique characteristics Heavy Spin and great Control. 

Gauges (mm) : 1.25, 1.30

Composition: Co-polyester monofilament

Color: Green, Black

Features: Wilson Revolve Spin help grip the ball, and the low friction UHMW material adds massive spin to your shots. This is a great spin-friendly string, which allows you to attack the ball more aggressively when going for extra pace.