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Tennis Court Construction




NOW IN INDIA is the exclusive partner of GREENSET in India Offers a Comprehensive Solution for Tennis Court Construction

We are the Official & Exclusive Partner of Greenset in India. Greenset is the world leader in Tennis court surface. Top tounaments like: Australian Open, Nitto ATP Finals, Paris Masters, Davis Cup Finals etc use Greenset Surface.

TENNIS COURT CONSTRUCTION offers a comprehensive solution for tennis court construction to suit your needs.

Why Choose us?

Domain Expertise

Tennishub is run by Tennis Professionals including Olympian & India No.2 Vishnu Vardhan. We understand what goes into making an international quality Tennis Court.

Experienced Team

Tennishub has an experienced team committed to provide world class solution. Our team is trained by senior installers from Spain.

World’s Best Surface

Tennishub uses world's best material which is manufactured by Greenset in their factory in Spain. The material comes pre-mixed from the factory in drums which are opened at site during installation.

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different types of systems

The Grand Prix court

The Grand Prix Court has helped young players fulfill their dreams for 50 years. Our classic surface is mostly used in tennis academies and training centers.


Type Non-Cushioned
Thickness 1.5mm to 2mm
Rate Life 8 to 10 years
Pace Medium Pace
Playing Season All Year
Recommended Use
  • Academies
  • Training Centres
  • Recreational Clubs
  • Gated Communities
  • Schools
Australian Open court

The Australian Open court is designed for the best of all tennis. Its cushion layer with shock absorbency cares for knee joints of top athletes. Mostly used in professional tournaments and elite private facilities.


Type Cushioned
Thickness 3.5mm to 4mm
Rate Life 8 to 10 years
Pace Medium to Medium Slow
Playing Season All Year
Recommended Use
  • Top Tournaments
  • High Performance Training Centres
  • Elite Clubs

Available colors

Customize your court

Greenset vs Competitors

  • Ball skids when it bounces on the lines
  • Surface is not as thick as Greenset
  • Material manufacturing is outsourced to factories in Asian countries
  • Material comes as concentrate to save on the shipping cost. It is then mixed with silica and water at the site. Contractor can dilute it by adding more water
  • Low quality rubber used for cushion layer. Offers less cushioning
  • Color starts fading within few years. Resurfacing required after 5-6 years
  • 0-2 years warranty on the surface
  • Consistent speed and bounce on the lines
  • Surface is thicker which means more cushioning
  • The material used across the world including Australian open & other tournaments is manufactured only in Greenset factory in Barcelona
  • Material comes pre-mixed directly from the factory
  • High quality rubber used. Offers excellent shock absorbency
  • Surface lasts longer. Resurfacing after 9 years ensuring better ROI
  • Greenset is the only surface that provides 5 year warranty


Number of layers is a misused term in court construction. It is always important to know the thickness of each surface. Grand Prix is equivalent to 5 layer system and Australian open is equivalent to 9-10 layer system of other competitors.

The thickness of Australian Open is 3.5 - 4 mm and Grand Prix is 1.75 - 2 mm approximately.

The pigment used by Greenset is thicker and comes pre-mixed from the factories in Barcelona, while most of competitors get concentrate and do the mixing at the site. This allows them to dilute the pigment by adding more water.

Australian Open surface is used at Australian Open, Nitto ATP Finals, Paris Masters and all other major tournaments.

Greenset is the only company that offers 5 yrs warranty on its surface.

Greenset has been global market leader for 35 years. Nothing usually happens to the surface if they are maintained well. If something still goes wrong, Tennishub will repair the court free of cost. Client just has to bear the installation teams transport and accommodation cost.

Sub-base and allied works usually take 45-60 days. Greenset surface takes 7-10 days

There are multiple options available and the price starts from as low as Rs.45 per square feet.

Greenset pricing is quite competitive when compared against equivalent quality & layers system from other brands. For example Australian Open System is equivalent to 9-10 layers of other competitors. Greenset also offers higher ROI due to longevity of the surface which is usually 8-10 years.

Yes, we do take up projects on turn key basis. We have a qualified team that does sub-base according to international standards and all allied works that are required for a tennis court.

Tennishub is the only company that provides after-sales support post the completion of work through an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). It's a 5 year contract that covers yearly site visit, deep cleaning, repair works if any and re-painting the lines.

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