Tennis String FAQs

How many kinds of strings are available ?

There are different types of strings currently available in the market like Synthetic string, Natural string, Polyester string, Multi-filament string. For more information, refer to our Types of Strings section.

Why are polyester strings so popular lately ?

Polyester strings offer more durability, spin and control and are priced reasonably. These strings are stiffer thereby compromising the feel and are not recommended for players with arm injuries.

What tension should I use ?

The general rule is that lower tension gives more power and higher tension gives more control. If you are buying a new racquet, start by stringing it at a tension in the middle of the manufacturer’s recommended range. You can then raise or lower the tension when it’s time to restring it, depending upon whether you want more power or more control. Please note if you are using a synthetic string, it is recommended to string them at 10% lesser tension than the synthetic strings.

What gauge should I use ?

A thinner gauge offers more feel and spin, but the down side is less durability. Thicker gauge is more durable. The most common gauge is 16 (1.30 mm).

What is the benefit of a Hybrid Stringing ?

Hybrid stringing is a technique of using one type of string for the main and another type for the cross strings of your racquet. It offers a balance between power, durability, control, and feel. The most popular hybrid combination is polyester on the mains (verticals) for durability & control and a synthetic or multifilament string on the crosses (horizontal) for feel.