Tennis Hybrid Stringing

Hybrid is made by combining two different strings into the stringbed, one is used in the main and the other in the cross. By selecting different hybrid combinations, players can fine tune various playing characteristics like comfort, durability, liveliness, control and power. The most common hybrid among tour players is a polyester in the mains and multi-filament in the cross. Putting polyester string in the main will give good spin and control whereas a softer string like multifilament or synthetic will soften the string bed and decrease the stiffness that can be found in a full bed of polyester.

By reversing the hybrid combination, having soft strings in the mains and polyester in the cross, the result is a comfortable and forgiving setup. Players who are not frequent string breaker and who prefer softer feel will like this setup.

Another advantage of hybrid stringing is it lowers the cost of an expensive string by not making much difference to the playability. For example if natural gut or multifilament is the preferred string of a player, then by using a synthetic or polyester will reduce the cost considerably.

There is an increase in popularity and demand of hybrids. It is prompted many string manufacturers to prepackage hybrids. Click here to check recommended Hybrids.

Top pros using hybrid combination are:

Roger Federer: Wilson Natural Gut in the mains and Luxilon Alu Power Rough in the crosses.

Maria Sharapova: Babolat Pro Hurricane in the mains and Babolat VS Gut in the crosses.

Note: Many experts suggest to string polyester at few pounds lesser than the synthetic or multifilament to better balance out the feel of the stringbed.

Below are few hybrid suggestions:

  • Spin, durability & comfort
  • Babolat pro hurricane tour - Main
  • Babolat xcel - Cross
  • Spin, durability & comfort (budget)
  • Babolat pro hurricane tour - Main
  • Any Synthetic string - Cross
  • Comfort/feel (budget)
  • Multifilament - Main
  • Synthetic – Cross