Customize a Tennis Racquet

There is various selection of tennis racquets available in each brand which are designed to suit different kinds of players. Often you will find that you will need to make some adjustments to the racquet in order to make it suit your stroke perfectly. Often times you can transform a racquet which is fairly well into a great weapon with just a few tweaks. The general rule is that you should play with as heavy a racquet as you can swing, as long as it doesn’t slow down your strokes.

Using a lead tape is the most common way of customizing a racquet. One of the advantages of using a lead tape is that all your tweaking is totally reversible. If you don’t like the results, just peel off the tape.

By increasing the weight of the racquet using lead tape, it increases the amount of power you can generate. And depending on the location where you place the lead tape, you can change the dimensions and location of the racquets sweetspot to better suite your swing.

Locations for Lead Tape:

12 o’clock: Sticking tape in this position will give you a big power boost and expand the sweet spot toward the tip of the racquet, which will appeal to baseliners. The potential downside is that the racquet might become head-heavy and cumbersome.

10 o’clock and 2 o’clock: Weight placed at these positions will increase the frame’s power, add stability on off-center hits, stretch the sweet spot toward the upper edges, but also reduce maneuverability significantly

9 o’clock and 3 o’clock: This is the most popular configuration. It enlarges the sweet spot toward the sides of the frame, where players frequently mishit the ball, and makes the racquet considerably more powerful.

6 o’clock: If you place tape here, your racquet will be a bit more stable, a bit less maneuverable, and a tad more powerful. The sweet spot will be pulled down, which will help those who miss shots low.

Handle: This position is best for net-rushers who want a heavier racquet without sacrificing maneuverability. Lead tape under the grip will increase the racquet’s stationary weight with little effect on swingweight (how heavy the frame feels when you swing it).

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