Most In-Demand Tennis Balls In India

Most In-Demand Tennis Balls In India

Most In-Demand Tennis Balls In India

Picking up the right type of tennis ball for your surface, game and preferences could make a huge difference.  Despite the basic construction of all the tennis balls are same and made with rubber core and covered in felt, which can be made of wool or synthetic materials, but not all the balls are same. Most balls are filled with compressed air and sold in pressurized cans.

In this article, we are going to present you different types of balls and best tennis balls on the market right now.

Extra duty balls:

  • These are generally designed for hard surfaces such as asphalt, concrete and hard courts.
  • These are more durable because of their thick felt.
  • Ex: Wilson Tour Premier, Dunlop AO, Tecnifibre X-one, Head Tour.


Regular duty balls:

  • These are best for slower, softer courts like clay with less felt covered on it.
  • These are les durable than extra duty balls.
  • Ex: Slazenger Championship.


Pressureless balls:

  • Often preferred to beginners, recreational players and it lasts longer than regular pressurized balls.
  • These are heavier and harder than pressurized balls.
  • Tecnifibre Stage 1, Nassau cool stage 1, Head Tip I, II, III balls.


Popular Tennis Balls in the Market right now: 


Wilson Tour Premier Balls

This premium balls are suitable for both tournament and practice levels. This features yellow optivis felt for increased visibility. This offers ultimate consistency and playability.

  • Plays well for one or two sessions.
  • Consistent bounce and feel.


Dunlop AO Balls

These balls features HD Core and HD PRO Cloth, HD Core is engineered using premium materials to create an ultra-consistent performance which doesn’t deteriorate over time. HD PRO Cloth is an ultra-high specification, ultra-visible cloth which doesn’t lose its shine.

  • HD Core and HD PRO Cloth
  • Consistent performance.
  • Official ball of the Australian Open


Tecnifibre X-one Balls

The Tecnifibre X-one ball is probably the best ball on the market right now. It’s a high quality, pro-level tournament ball and has been used at several ATP 250/500 tournaments including Marseille, Rotterdam and Gstaad.

  • Felt fluffs up but not excessively, and it plays well for longer.
  • Great durability
  • Consistent bounce and fast through the air.


Babolat gold Balls

These balls combines excellent feel and durability for all court surfaces. This is a great ball for players looking for consistent performance throughout their matches.

  • Extra duty Felt.
  • Good valve for the price.
  • Durability & feel