Essential Items to Keep in The Tennis Kit Bag

Essential Items to Keep in The Tennis Kit Bag

Essential Items to Keep in The Tennis Kit Bag


There are certain things that are important for a player to keep in the tennis kit. Apart from having few racquets there are others things that matter a lot. Here are few essentials to have in a kit.

  • Racquets
  • Tennis balls
  • Water/energy drinks
  • Cap
  • Towel
  • First aid kit


Having extra racquets is always essential. In a match it is always uncertain. Strings might break or the racquet might slip from the hand which might lead to a crack, or the grip might get slippery. Hence it is always essential to have extra pair of racquets

Tennis balls

Carrying a can of balls is always a good thing. They always come in handy when playing a tournament as it helps in warming up before the match.

Water/energy drinks

Staying dehydrated in match will lead to a lot of tiredness and fatigue. Having extra can of water and energy drinks is always helpful. It is completely unsafe to stay hydrated while playing a match.


This is another no brainer. Having a lightweight cap is always helpful for all we know the sun might get harsh. Having a cap will help in skin protection. It also helps while serving because the sunray's come directly in the eyes while tossing the ball.


It is always good to have a towel in the bag. It helps in sweat management. Apart from sweat management the other advantage of having a towel is to wipe the body if you fall on a clay court and there is clay all over the sweaty body.

First aid kit

Having a first-aid kit is always helpful. It's uncertain as to when a player might fall and injure themselves. A first-aid kit always comes in handy.