3 Most Common Injuries for a Tennis Player

3 Most Common Injuries for a Tennis Player

3 Most Common Injuries for a Tennis Player

Tennis is a high-octane game that involves brisk movements and lots of running. The player needs to build a solid constitution that comfortably enables all the physical action on the court. This is where exercise and efficient training play a major role in improving the resilience of the player. However, players are prone to some specific injuries due to improper technique, avoiding dynamic stretching at the beginning, weak muscle strength, etc. A specialized orthopedist treats these kinds of injuries. 

Some of the most common injuries for tennis players and the ways in which they can be cured are:

1. Tennis Elbow: This is an injury that is caused to the tendons that connect the muscle of the elbow to the forearm. It is an inflammation in the tendons that is caused when the player bends the elbow quickly. It worsens when overused and strained. It is also common for golf players. Pain is the most common symptom. 
Treatment: Resting the elbow by placing it in a position that does not cause pain is a non-surgical treatment. 

2. Torn Rotator Cuff: The game of tennis requires a lot of arm movements and the shoulder being the principle area undergoes a lot of strain. Over prolonged strain and stress, the rotator cuff muscles tend to weaken and result in inflammation. This injury causes acute pain and weakness in the shoulder area.
Treatment: Proper strength training and warming up stretches improve the muscles functioning. Cortisone injections are given to bring down the inflammation. 

3. Tennis Knee: This injury is caused when the player strains the knee joint with repeated jumping. This is one of the most common injuries as the game demands a lot of jumping and landing. If the player lands on a rough surface the chances of this injury are high. Inflammation and pain are common symptoms. 
Treatment: Good warming up exercises, and strengthening of the quads are some of the ways in which this injury can be prevented. Resting and medicines that reduce inflammation are fundamental methods of treatment suggested by doctors.

Wrap Up

Besides the above-mentioned injuries, there are other injuries a tennis player is prone to. Most of them are caused due to inadequate stretching and warming-up exercises. If anything, physical fitness is crucial compared to skill. 

A fit body can help the player reach greater heights in the game by preventing injuries that take away months of time for treatment and healing. Hence a sound fitness regime and efficient trainer are a no-brainer for a tennis player.