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Head Graphene XT Speed MP

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Head Size: 100 sq. in. Weight: 314.68g (Strung) String Pattern: 16 x 19 Balance: 3 pts Head Light Length: 27 inches Stiffness: 67

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Regular Price: Rs 16,379

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Regular Price: Rs 16,379

Special Price Rs 13,185

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  • Tomas Berdych
With its crisp and precise response, this stick feels very accurate and predictable across a variety of stroke speeds. Technology: Head: d30 belongs to the category of smart materials with abnormal behaviours. More specifically it belongs to a category called dilatant foams which change their behaviour under dynamic load or impact. The d30 is able to sense the needs of players in different strokes. On high speed impacts, the molecules in the racquet quickly realign to provide maximum power. On slow speed impacts, a softer touch and better feel is produced. Graphene XT:The bigger platelets allow for better bonding. It is ultra-light and ultra-strong. It allows even more optimal distribution of weight and easy access to power. Racquets can potentially be made lighter by up to 20% and there is a better energy transfer which increases the pace of your game. Innegra: It is the worlds lightest high performance fibre. This is integrated into the racquet for shock absorption and improved stability. As a result, vibrations are reduced on impact and the control and feel is much better. With Innegra, racquets also remain in perfect condition without losing any performance properties. Baseline Play: The racquet explodes through contact and at the same time the comfort level is kept intact. Net Play: The racquet moves fast and delivers a lively yet precise response. Serve: Strong, well-directed serves can be lashed out regularly. There is also the extra something for slices and kickers. Overall:This racquet is ideal for intermediate and advanced players who want a light player's racquet with controllable power.

This racquet comes with a free racquet bag.

Head Size 100 sq. in.
String Pattern 16 x 19
Balance 3 pts Head Light
Stiffness 67
Beam Width 22 mm /22 mm /22 mm
Length 27 inches
Swing Weight 314
Swing Speed Fast
Power Level Low-Medium
Pre-Strung Unstrung
Stroke Style Full
String Tension 48-57 pounds
Composition Graphene XT
Grip Type Hydrosorb Pro
Model Speed
Grip Size L3 - 4 3/8
Strung Weight 314.68g


A Polyester string will give you more spin, control and durability.

A Synthetic/Natural string will give you more power and feel.

A thinner gauge (17 or 18) will give you more feel and spin.

A thicker gauge (15 or 16) will give you more durability.


Most common tension range is around 55 lbs.

Higher Tension = Better control, less power, smaller sweet spot.

Lower Tension = Less control, more power, easier on the arm.

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